We now take for granted that the world (in literature, the arts and many other fields) is often divided into two categories: Romanticism and Classicism. The divide is outstandingly evident in the visual arts and in literature as these worlds could not be more different from one another. Romanticism is all about emotions, not following…

La rue

The Bright Old Oak’s dewdrops: La Rue

Je suis ici. Lentement, la voix résonne dans l’enchantement. Le chœur de la lune se trouve dans le vent de l’amour qui pénètre les feuilles. Ardeur ne commande plus. Approchant la caresse d’une prière solitaire. Écoute, écoute. Vous ne pouvez pas dormir. Parce que la rue nous mène à la plus belle couleur qu’il ya.

Victorian futures


Yes, the Victorians were talking about us. They imagined our society and how new inventions would shape the future of humanity, but they weren’t exactly right. Picture postcards from the 1890s and 1900s show us dressing exactly like them but enjoying the comforts of contemporary life, though their predictions weren’t exactly spot on! We don’t…

Keys to unlock imagination

Technology: Friend or Foe?

When thinking of 19th century novelists, one can almost imagine a small room, and old table, ink, pens and the light of a candle. Was that inspiring? Probably. The way writers create their work has certainly changed a lot through the course of the centuries and now the majority of writers and journalists prefer to…

Chimneys in Manchester


How many times have you woken up thinking about your daily routine? Everyone does it. But do you often stop and think about whatever surrounds you? When you see chimneys like the ones pictured above, do you just see chimneys or do they tell you a story? Because I wonder about those who built them,…