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The Bright Old Oak is a philosophical & cultural web-journal.

General topics, from current affairs to classic books reviews take place under its branches. Its aim is to awaken those who are in need for inspiration, as the Bright Old Oak represents the ancient purpose of mankind to get in touch with its most profound meaning and way of expression.

All pictures used in this blog DO NOT belong to the Bright Old Oak with the sole exception of the blog’s logo. All the other pictures used are always provided with a link to the original page where they have been taken from. In case of credits due, they will be expressed. For any complaints, please write to englishprojects@hotmail.co.uk. Thank you.

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136 thoughts on “About / Disclaimer

  1. That’s a great concept for a blog, I like your philosophy, and I’m so glad you popped by my site and liked my newest piece of artwork! Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Thanks for the “like” on my hundredth post.

    Cool blog! When I was little, I lived on “Old Oak Drive” in Summit,NJ. I’ve always loved that address.

    • I’ve always felt that way. I think the reason such old trees are inspirational, is that one wonders about the stages of their life one hasn’t actually seen. For example, how was it in the early XX Century? Many things were going on back then, and this oak was actually here, alive as it is today. Besides, it’s like a precious that never goes *vintage* ;)

  3. I am so glad you found your way to my blog (and thanks for the like on “Le Coq”). As is custom, I always return the favor with a visit of my own and I am thrilled I did. I am an avid book lover, there are very few places in my home where a book is not but an arm’s length away. Look forward to many, many visits here! :)

    • Thank you for your nice reply ;) I saw your blog and found some commond ground in terms or subject treated. I’m glad I’ve found it! Keep it up! ;)
      PS. Who doesn’t like books?? I can’t imagine someone wouldn’t!

      • Thanks, I’m glad you found it too. As for books…I agree, however don’t see the love of them in the latest generation of young minds…perhaps if they read enough electronically, they’ll get an itch to actually hold a real one in their hands. Ebooks, while appreciated, are NOTHING like the real thing.

      • Uh! That’s a never ending debate and subject to many of my posts here!
        I think this generation will eventually discover books (at least those who haven’t) but I’m guessing they’ll have to grow old first!

      • I think you are right. Let’s just hope the writer keep ‘writing’ and the publishers keep publishing…the fear of losing our pulpy friends is a real one. My library expands by the day for fear of that very threat.

  4. I have nominated you for The Beautiful Blogger Award. Congratulations on a wonderful blog. If you choose to accept it, please visit my site, the rules are there. All the best

  5. Hi Alessio,

    Thank you very much for noting my blog; it was such a lovely surprise to receive notification! I am completely new to blogosphere and just trying to find my voice.

    Your blog looks very interesting and I like it -:!

  6. Thanks for “liking” the Beagle Project. Interestingly Darwin seemed to love literature in his younger days (he mentions reading Milton and Jane Austen on the voyage) but sort of fell out of favor with it as he grew older. I, however, appreciate what you have done with your site :) Thanks again!

    • Thank you Rob. You’ve got quite a nice project yourself. I’m always fascinated by travelling time as well as space, and I think your blog kind of reflects that!
      Keep it up! ;)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my crazy un paid blog.

    And this blog is going to be an interesting one, first time I´ll learn about Russian Literature. See, why did people tell me to stay in college when I can learn it through blogging.

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