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All the blogpost published in series are to be collected in this page.

Interpreting the Present:

With this short trip to the different sides of art and life in the XXI Century, the Bright Old Oak researches the peculiar and interesting things happening in our age, in an attempt to define, decode or find an identity to what surrounds us today.
How do we relate to past art movements? How do we perceive the progress of technology and what is it changing in culture?

Part 1 – The Visual Arts
Part 2 – Literature
Part 3 – Music
Part 4 – Fashion
Part 5 – Poetry 

Abstract Architecture:

Cities are today a construct of modern and historical, present and past. But there is something more, something invisible, something that never found space in concrete plans, but only in the imagery of some. The Bright Old Oak will investigate those landmarks which never made it, the dreams of an architecture that never was.

Part 1 – The Elephant of the Bastille
Part 2 – Berlin’s Ghosts
Part 3 – The Crystal Palace
Part 4 – Tatlin’s Tower
Part 5 – The Ancient Library of Alexandria

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