The Bright Old Oak’s first and only purpose is to get inspired and inspire others to their highest level of imagination and creativity. Therefore, it seems a good idea to let everyone read what dew causes after it lies on such powerful tree. It creates something magical which we hope can help stimulate your mind and your senses.

A brand new poetry blog, part of the Bright Old Oak website, is available here: Dewdrops | Inspirational Poems
In the meantime, check what’s been posted so far.
Here’s a collection of dewdrops that have fallen from the Bright Old Oak.

  1. Dewdrop 1, “La rue” (language: French)
  2. Dewdrop 2, “Bag of Dreams” (language: English)
  3. Dewdrop 3, “Words of a Leaf on an Autumn Day” (language: English)
  4. Dewdrop 4, “Memoria” (language: English)
  5. Dewdrop 5, “Idyllic Days” (language: English)
  6. Dewdrop 6, “The Ballad of the Lonely Bird” (language: English)
  7. Dewdrop 7, “Redemption” (language: English)
  8. Dewdrop 8, “Rust” (language: English)
  9. Dewdrop 9, “Whirlwind of the Opposites” (language: English)

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