Welcome to the Bright Old Oak’s PROJECTS page.
Here you will find links to special projects the Bright Old Oak is developing.

I believe some ideas are worth a space of their own. They started as simple posts, then I considered making them into categories, then they all expanded so much, and grew in importance in such way that they had to be granted enough space.

The Bright Old Oak is proud to be managing:

  • Forgotten Shelves
    Lost and forgotten poetry brought back to light and translated from and into English.
  • Dewdrops
    (Officially the Poetry page of the blog gone big. It is now an independent blog)
  • Notes on a Blank Page
    Originally intended as a post, it will allow the reader to travel space and time with their minds, as entries on a teacher’s diary from 1945 Italy will be posted.
    UPDATE: The project has now been put on hold. Initials plans of the blog will now be scrapped in favour of a free eBook that will be available in the Translations page (which will receive an update and be available as “Translations & Publications”).

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