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Sometimes, forgotten works are discovered, brought back from a past in which no-one knew they ever existed. Other times, authors are often denied the recognition they deserve in international contexts, receiving little attention in their own country or where their native language is spoken. For these and more reasons, the Bright Old Oak will try to divulge these works to new contexts, routes short stories or essays never took.

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald – Thank You for the Light
    Translation: Grazie della luce (Italian)
    The New Yorker has recently published an original short story which was rejected in 1936. Here is the Italian translation of the short piece.
    Note on translation: it was hard to find a good term with which “Light” could be translated into Italian. “Luce” is not used in contexts related to smoking. However, alternative translations with “Fuoco” or “Accensione” would not sound proper nor would they fit the context. Moreover, “Light” had to be translated with “Luce” in order not to lose the religious connotations of the final parts.

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